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We’ve all have them, those really challenging PR situations or unexpected occurrences that catch us off guard. They are not fun and can cause great stress and frustration. It’s good when we later realize that we learned an important lesson from the experience.

July’s PRAM meeting offers the opportunity to learn from other’s “ah ha” PR moments as well as a chance to share your own lessons learned. This peer sharing session will accelerate professional learning in a forum that offers growth through the experiences of your fellow members.

 Potential topics include:

  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Client relationship management
  • Bidding a job
  • Creating a winning proposal
  • Reading body language of decision makers
  • Why you can’t assume someone fully understands your project
  • Managing project costs before they get out of hand

Come learn from your peers, and please be prepared to share one of your own “ah ha” moments with the group.

See you there!